We contribute to sustainable development, with both current and future generations in mind

  • Our main task is to increase sugarcane productivity, thus reducing the use of inputs, as land, water, diesel, etc.
  • Biotech provides effective crop protection with substantially less ag chemicals
  • Continuous practice of reducing CTC and client’s environmental footprint
Barrinha (SP) Research Site
Barrinha (SP) Research Site 90% reduction in water consumption by replacing conventional irrigation systems with drip systems


We are committed to creating long-term value for our employees, busines partners & community

  • Safety and health conscience promoted by best -in-class policies and practices
  • Emphasis on gender equality and diversity
  • Salaries and benefits of more than R$100 million per year
  • Extensive training provided to our workforce (30-40 hours/year/employee)
  • Product safety and quality control
  • Supply chain management with strict due diligences on our suppliers
  • Ethics direct line available to customers, supplier and employees
  • Customer Privacy


We conduct our business with integrity, transparency and fairness

  • Adherence to best practices of Corporate Governance since 2016 (Bovespa Mais)
  • Anti- Competitive Practices: Related-parties committee to avoid potential conflicts of interest
  • Executive compensation aligned through both short-term incentive and stock option components
  • High accounting standards; independent audits since 2011 (audited by Big Four for 10+ years)
  • Corporate Ethics Code in place since 2014
  • Tax Transparency: R$60 million were paid in 19/20