Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rights, advantages and restrictions of CTC common shares?

CTC (Bovespa Mais: CTCA3) common shares guarantee to their holders the rights deriving from the Company’s Bylaws, the Brazilian Corporate Law and the “Bovespa Mais” Regulations, which include:

(a) voting rights at the Company’s shareholders’ meetings, where each common share corresponds to one vote;

(b) the right to the holders of the sale of CTC common shares, under the same conditions entitled to the selling controlling shareholder, in the case of direct or indirect sale, for consideration of the Company’s control, either through a single operation or through successive operations (tag along with 100% of the price); and

(c) the right to the holders of the sale of CTC common shares in a public tender offer to be made by the controlling shareholder, in the event of cancellation of registration as a publicly-held company or delisting on Bovespa Mais, at a price at least equivalent to its Economic Value, as determined by the preparation of an assessment report by a specialized and independent company, with proven experience and selected by the shareholders’ meeting of common shares outstanding from the three-name list laid down by the Board of Directors, and the costs of preparing such report shall be fully borne by the controlling shareholder.

Where are CTC shares traded?

The Company’s common shares are listed for trading in BM&FBOVESPA under the ticker symbol “CTCA3”, on the “Bovespa Mais” listing segment. The Company’s shares are currently listed but not available for trading.

How and when does CTC disclose its information?

All CTC’s material facts, earnings releases and other notices to the market are simultaneously published at CVM/BM&FBOVESPA, and at the Investor Relations section on the Company’s website (, and then forwarded by e-mail to the people who have signed up to receive such information.

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Complete financial statements are published annually on the newspapers “Valor Econômico” and “Diário Oficial do Estado de São Paulo”. Quarterly financial statements, earnings releases, material facts and announcements to shareholders are available in the Investor Relations section on CTC’s website ( Further information on the Company may also be obtained on the website of the São Paulo Stock Exchange ( and at the Brazilian Securities Commission – CVM (

How can I contact the Investor Relations Area?

CTC – Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira S.A.
Fazenda Santo Antônio, s/nº, Santo Antônio, CEP: 13400-970
Piracicaba, SP

Phone: +55 19 34298199


Why does CTC use the Crop Calendar?

The Company follows the fiscal year of its shareholders and customers, aligned with the sugarcane crop, even though it is a biotechnology company.