Governance Model

CTC’s management model, structured on the pillars of good corporate governance practices, is based on principles that privilege transparency, accountability, equitable treatment and respect to all of its 90 current shareholders, in addition to other stakeholders.

The Company is registered with the CVM (the Brazilian Securities Commission) as a privately-held corporation, with its shares listed on the “Bovespa Mais” segment of BM&FBOVESPA S.A. This listing segment sets forth requirements similar to those established for the “Novo Mercado” segment. The listing of the Company’s shares, although not yet subject to IPO nor trading, involves taking on commitments such as:

  • only common shares may be issued;
  • 100% tag along right in the case of sale of the Company’s control;
  • public tender offer of shares shall be held at least at the economic value stated by an assessment report, in the event that the company goes private or if the company delists from the segment;
  • accession to the Market Arbitration Panel to settle shareholding conflicts; and
  • combined mandate of two years for the members of the Board of Directors.